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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Excel - Copy table to one column

This article copy table to one column, i.e. convert multiple columns into one column!
(after the operation, it also allows to remove empty cells)
also allow to convert multiple columns into more than one column!

This tutorial tested and found working on:
* Microsoft Office Excel 2003 with help of: Microsoft Office Word 2003
* Microsoft Office Excel 2007 with help of: Microsoft Office Word 2007

Instructions (WORKING TUTORIAL):
1. we have an excel file that contains table with data.
2. select all table data and press COPY (Ctrl + C)
3. open new Word document (Tested on Microsoft Office Word 2003)
4. PASTE (Ctrl + V) the copied table into word document.
5. Select the table (in word document) and select MENU: Table > Convert > Table to Text
[Microsoft Office Word 2007: Data (or View, should be last one) Group > Convert to Text]
Table selection using     icon
6. Set a character that not exists in the table (for example |)
7. Keep the text selected and press on MENU: Table > Convert > Text to Table
[Microsoft Office Word 2007: Insert Group > Table > Convert Text to Table]
8. Set number of columns = 1
9. Notice that the character is still | (that we selected)
10. Press OK
11. Now we have table with 1 column (and it is selected!)
12. Select entire table and press COPY (Ctrl + C)
Table selection using     icon
13. Open new EXCEL file (or use the original file)
14. PASTE (Ctrl + V) the table.
15. NOW you have 1 Column table!!!

Hope it helped you...