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Tuesday, December 6, 2022

MySQL: SUBSTRING_INDEX vs MID+INSTR (which is better)

Hello there.


I wanted to pull from domain name out of an email (or just remove the username part of an email).

There are two simple functions (and even more...) to do it:

1] SUBSTRING_INDEX('testuser@domain.com','@',-1)

use built in function SUBSTRING_INDEX to explode the string by '@' and get the last element.


2] MID('testuser@domain.com', INSTR('testuser@domain.com','@')+1, 999)

find '@' position using INSTR and get all string from that position until the end of string by MID function. 


But which one of them have better performance?

Using BENCHMARK function for Measuring the Speed of Expressions and Functions.

1] SELECT  BENCHMARK(100000000, SUBSTRING_INDEX('testuser@domain.com','@',-1))

/* Affected rows: 0  Found rows: 1  Warnings: 0  Duration for 1 query: 12.625 sec. */

2] SELECT  BENCHMARK(100000000, MID('testuser@domain.com', INSTR('testuser@domain.com','@')+1, 999))

/* Affected rows: 0  Found rows: 1  Warnings: 0  Duration for 1 query: 19.157 sec. */

BENCHMARK function results may vary between different devices, but on the same device can give quite clear results.



SUBSTRING_INDEX won and have better results than MID + INSTR

Monday, July 11, 2022

JQuery serialize on form is EMPTY (ajax/post/get)

 Hi All,

I had several times a problem, that the collected data by jQuery API's serialize() or serializeArray() was empty, although the inputs were not empty.

Follow these checkups to by pass the problem.

1] when the input don't name attribute the result will be empty.

<form id="form1">
        <input type="text" value="test value">
//$('#form1').serialize()  ==> "" (empty)
<form id="form1">
        <input type="text" value="test value" value="ANYNAME">
//$('#form1').serialize()  ==> "ANYNAME=test+value"